Watching TV on Your Traveler Smartphone

The Pharos Traveler Smartphones offer a wide range of entertainment options but you may be surprised to discover that you can watch TV on your Traveler. And with much higher screen resolutions than you’ll find on most other Smartphones, watching TV on a Traveler Smartphone can be pretty enjoyable.

Internet TV makes it Possible

The Internet makes a lot of things possible—watching TV happens to be one of them. Figure 1 shows an example of how a broadcast weather forecast appears.


Figure 1: Watching TV on the Pharos Traveler Smartphone.

Spb TV makes it Easy

There are several ways to watch TV on your Traveler Smartphone. An easy way is to use the Spb TV application you’ll find in the multimedia area on the right side of the Home screen. This application comes preloaded with a number of TV channels configured as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2: Spb TV makes watching TV easy.

In addition to the unlocked channels that are available in the version of Spb TV that is installed on the Traveler Smartphone, you have the option of registering your copy of the application and unlocking additional channels.

Many Free Channels are Available, Too

If you’re willing to do a little work you’ll find that there are many free TV channels available to watch on your Traveler Smartphone. While not as convenient as using Spb TV, the entertainment choices are certainly out there.

One way to find TV channels to watch on your Traveler Smartphone is to load the Opera Mobile Web browser and enter “Internet TV” in the search box. You’ll discover several sites that offer listings of thousands of available TV channels from around the world. Most of these will play in Media Player (after you tap the proper link, of course).

Tip: Tap the full screen button near the lower left of the Media Player screen to view the TV broadcast in the largest possible size.

Watching TV on your Traveler Smartphone can be quite enjoyable and is yet another example of just how much you’re getting in a small and beautiful package.