Rocking and Rolling

Youíve probably noticed that the screen on your PCís display is wider than it is high, but that the screen on a Smartphone is typically taller than it is wide. Most of the time this difference doesnít matter but in some cases you might prefer the landscape orientation of your PC to the portrait orientation of your Smartphone. For example, itís often easier to browse many Web sites in landscape mode and if you watch videos youíll probably prefer landscape mode, too.

Landscape Mode on Your Pharos Traveler Smartphone

Pharos Traveler Smartphones can easily switch between portrait and landscape modes. In the case of the Traveler 137 you even get a widescreen 800x480 display in landscape mode for even better Web browsing and viewing of videos. Figure 1 shows just one method of changing the screenís orientation using the Screen applet in Settings.


Figure 1: You can choose the screen orientation using Screen in Settings.

Note: In some cases you donít have to change the orientation yourself because an application may choose one for you. Media Player, for example, switches to landscape to display full-screen videos.

Rotating the Display with a Flick of Your Wrist

The Pharos Traveler Smartphones offer an even cooler way to change the screen orientation. Instead of choosing the orientation manually you can simply flick your wrist to make the screen roll right or left. This magic happens because the Traveler Smartphones have a built-in accelerometer, a device that senses when the Smartphone is rotated.

To enable changing the screen orientation by moving your wrist you need to open the G-Sensor applet in Settings and choose the Enable the screen orientation function as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2: Select this option to enable rotating the screen with a flick of your wrist.

After the G-Sensor is enabled youíll be able to choose your favorite screen orientation just by turning the Traveler Smartphone left or right. Whichever way you turn it the screen will rotate so that the top of the screen is up. Figure 3 shows an example of browsing in landscape mode.


Figure 3: The G-Sensor knows which way is up.

The G-Sensor in your Pharos Traveler Smartphone is another example of how many extras come standard in the Pharos products. Have fun playing with yours!