Donít Rent What You Already Own

GPS navigation is a wonderful tool. With it you can confidently find your way to almost any destination and you donít have to ask anyone for directions, either. Having GPS navigation built into your Smartphone means that you should always be ready to travel. But thereís one little problem and itís that many cell service providers expect you to pay extra to actually use your Smartphoneís GPS features. In effect, they want you to rent something you already own-the GPS receiver in your Smartphone.

Pharos Traveler Smartphones Include Free GPS Navigation

Fortunately, youíre smart enough to not let the cell phone companies charge you extra for GPS navigation features because you know that the Pharos Traveler Smartphones come with Pharosí Smart Navigator software and include all of the USA maps for free. This bonus feature means that youíre ready to go as soon as you tell your Traveler Smartphone where you want to go. For example, Figure 1 shows that my Traveler Smartphone has quickly calculated a convenient route to dinner.


Figure 1: Smart Navigator uses the GPS in the Traveler Smartphone to provide directions.

Maps On Demand, Too!

Sure, the Traveler Smartphone comes loaded with the USA maps, but what happens when you travel outside the country? Well, thatís easy-you use the Pharos Maps On Demand feature thatís built into Smart Navigator and quickly download what you need (you might have to pay a small amount to download maps, but itís always reasonable).

Maps On Demand can also come in handy if youíre traveling inside the USA. The Traveler Smartphones accommodate microSD memory cards for additional storage and come with the standard maps preloaded on a 2GB microSD card. But maybe youíve added a different microSD card and donít happen to have the maps loaded on that card. All is not lost and you wonít be, either! In fact by using the Maps On Demand feature you can quickly download the maps you need and be on your way.

Note: The maps you download using the Maps On Demand feature donít include all of the points of interest that are included with the standard maps. This makes the maps download much faster, but it also means that youíll want to keep the original set of map files that came with your Traveler Smartphone to make future navigation easier.

GPS Satellite Updates

Your Traveler Smartphone uses assisted GPS (aGPS) technology to help Smart Navigator keep up-to-date and accurate. Depending on how long it has been since youíve used Smart Navigator, you may see a message similar to the one shown in Figure 2 when you start Smart Navigator.


Figure 2: aGPS keeps your satellite data fresh.

By downloading the current GPS data you can be sure that your Traveler Smartphone will be one of the fastest and most accurate GPS navigation devices available. Downloads are quick and simple so thereís really no reason not to take advantage of this free feature Pharos provides you.

Software Updates are Also Included

Pharos is one of the leaders in GPS technology and has been providing ever improved applications since 1988. Because of this they are constantly making improvements and sometimes this includes updating the Smart Navigator software. When an update is available you can download and install that update on your Traveler Smartphone at no charge, thus insuring that your GPS navigation system is always the best it can be.

Note: In some cases you may see a message telling you that an update is available when you start Smart Navigator, but you can also use the Tools, Update command on the Smart Navigator menu to check for any available updates.

You shouldnít have to pay to use something you already own. Thatís why the unlocked Pharos Traveler Smartphones enable you to use the GPS navigation features right out of the box. Why doesnít everyone treat you that way?